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3rd International Chess festival in ORTISEI-Italy-Val Gardena

3rd International Chess festival in ORTISEI3rd International Chess festival in ORTISEI-Italy-Val Gardena:

A warm welcome to Ortisei! The Chess Club Gardena is delighted and proud to be hosting from 4th to 11th of June 2016 for the third time an important international chess tournament in Ortisei, in which a maximum of 150 people can participate, including prominent chess professionals from the top places in the world rankings. The tournament was first held in 2012 with 14 GM, 9 IM and participants from 21 countries and 4 continents. In year 2013 there were 9 GM and 8 IM from as many countries and continents. It became a great sporting and cultural success with a strong local, national and international resonance. It provides a unique opportunity for South Tyrolean chess players, especially young players, to compete with well-known names in international chess. After World Chess Championship in Merano 1981 between Karpov and Korchnoi this event is the biggest tournament in history of South Tyrol chess since the Second World War. The tournament is named “ad Gredine”, which is reminiscent of the historic document from the year 999, in which that word was mentioned for the very first time and originated the name “Gardena”. In this way the Ladin reality has an opportunity to introduce himself to the world of chess. The enchanting landscape, hospitality and local cuisine offer other top reasons to participate in the tournament in the pearl of the Dolomites (UNESCO – World Natural Heritage). Together with our regional and national partners we will do our utmost to ensure a memorable and joyous chessfestival. Best of luck to each and every one of you! Thank you for coming to Ortisei.


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