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Chess Federation of Pakistan starts players registration


Chess Federation of Pakistan starts players registration: According to new FIDE Regulations, all the National Federations are to register their players and send the data to FIDE in January each year for creating their FIDE ID,s. The strength of each Federation shall be judged by the number of their players. Also no player can play in any FIDE-rated tournament or other premier tournaments of their countries like National Championships.

All the players are advised to submit the following information to the Chess Federation of Pakistan, so that their FIDE ID,s may be created. As the Chess Federation of Pakistan plans to start organizing FIDE-rated events in the country in 2014, this is a necessary requirement to make possible a milestone in history of Pakistan Chess. All the necessary information should be submitted before 25th January, 2014.

Please follow the link given below to make your registration.

Register with CFP to get FIDE ID


  1. plz any ches tornament invted me

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