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Punjab Chess Championship 2015

Punjab Chess Championship 2015

IMPORTANT: 9th round shall start at 02:00 PM on 5th August

LIVE: Board one, 9th round 02:00 pm – 5th August 2015

Many thanks to Mr. Syed Zarrar Ali Shah for this electronic board!!

Photos day 1


1st August 2015

11:30 AM

IMPORTANT: Please do not bring your mobile phone/ any electronic device with you to playing arena which are not allowed even in switched off mode.


Latest updates (29-07-2015)

Seeing the tough competition and excitement regarding the event, Mr. Syed Zarrar Ali Shah has announced an additional cash prize of Rs.35000/ to be awarded to Punjab Champion 2015. The Champion shall be honored to have lunch with Mr. Syed Zarrar Ali at his home where he will receive the additional cash prize.


Players who are registered in Punjab Chess Championship and do not have FIDE ID Number (FIN) are required to please visit the link given below and follow the instructions to get their FIN;

As per Fide “Regulations for Registration & Licensing of Players” a player without FIN can not participate in FIDE rated tournaments. Please apply for your FIN before 25-07-2015. Players with incomplete FIDE profile in any manner may ask for correction/ addition.

All the players are also requested to please check their FIN against their names in the below players list, in case of inaccuracy please contact the organizers.

Last updated – 19-07-2015

Mr. Syed Zarrar Ali has appointed Mr. Waqar Ahmad Madni as director of the tournament who will be responsible for administrative and organizational matters. While Syed Zarrar Ali Shah will be responsible for only cash prizes and venue expenses. He has also endowed him with 17 clocks and 15 sets in person.

Dear Friends,

It is to inform you that the Punjab Chess Championship 2015 is going to be held as planned. Some people having ambidextrous intention tried to create misunderstanding among the organizers which was timely interrupted. The organizers are in full coordination and working hard to make this event monumental.

Players who have not paid the CFP annual registration fee are advised to pay the fee to the bank account given below not later than 17-07-2015 to avoid any inconvenience.

Updated – 14-07-2015

To produce greater number of Fide rated players from the event, president Chess Association of Punjab, Mr. Syed Zarrar Ali has decided to increase the number of Fide rated players in the event regardless of jurisdiction. All Fide rated players (even above 2199 Elo) are allowed to take part. Players from other provinces shall not be considered for final standing though they may earn the cash prize/s. Now the time control shall be 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move one. First round shall start at 01:00 PM on 1st August. Two rounds each shall be played in next four days (09 am to 01 pm & 03 pm to 07 pm), except last round which will start at 02:00 pm.


Punjab Chess Championship 2015:

From July 01, 2015 all players are required to pay annual registration fee of Rs.1500/ (15$) to Chess Federation of Pakistan. No player shall be allowed to take part in any Fide rated tournament unless he/she is register with Chess Federation of Pakistan. Therefore, All the players who are register for Punjab Chess C’ship 2015 or 2nd PAKCHESS Fide rated Chess Tournament 2015 are required to pay the fee not later than 17-07-2015. In case of nonpayment the player shall be replaced by the first one in waiting list. After making the payment, please send the receipt at “[email protected]”. After this please check your registration status in players list which must be “OK”.

President of Chess Association of Punjab Mr. Zarrar Ali has announced first ever FIDE rated Punjab Chess Championship 2015 with biggest ever prize fund of Rs. 335,000/ (3350$). The Championship shall be held from 1-5 August 2015. The venue shall be  Smart Hotel, Liberty Market Lahore. It will be a 9 round swiss league event with a time control of 90 Min plus 30 sec increment from move one. Total number of players is confined to 66. CFP registration is mandatory.

  • Fide Tournament Code: 118224
  • System of Play: The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss System with 9 rounds.
  • Time control: 90 Minutes + 30 sec per move from move number 1.
  • Registration: CLOSED
Cash Prizes
Punjab Champion 2015 Rs. 100,000/ (1000$) plus trophy
Runner up Rs. 50,000/ (500$) plus shield
Second Runner up Rs. 25,000/ (250$) plus shield
4th Rs. 15,000/ (150$)
5th Rs. 10,000/ (100$)
6th to 10th Rs. 8,000/ (80$)
11th to 15th Rs. 6,000/ (60$)
16th to 25th Rs. 5,000/ (50$)
26th to 30 Rs. 3,000/ (30$)


  • Chief Arbiter:                         Mr. Waqar Ahmad Madni NA   ([email protected])
  • Deputy Chief Arbiter:
Tournament Schedule
Opening Ceremony 01-08-2015 12:45 PM
Round 01 01-08-2015 01: 00 PM
Round 02 02-08-2015 09:00 AM
Round 03 02-08-2015 03:00 PM
Round 04 03-08-2015 09:00 AM
Round 05 03-08-2015 03:00 PM
Round 06 04-08-2015 09:00 AM
Round 07 04-08-2015 03:00 PM
Round 08 05-08-2015 09:00 AM
Round 09 05-08-2015 02:00 PM
Closing Ceremony 05-08-2015 06:30 PM
  • The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE Laws of Chess and FIDE Swiss System with 09 rounds.
  •  90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move one
  • All participants shall receive customized certificate of participation
  • Swiss Manager pairing software shall be used
  • Ties shall be broken by Buchholz
  • All players are required to record their moves.
  • Mobile phone must me switched off in the playing hall.
  • Players arriving 60 minutes or more after the start of a round shall lose, unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

For any inquiry/ further information please contact;

Mr. Waqar Ahmad Madni at [email protected]

01 7801270 Waqas Ahmad Ch. 1483 Pakpattan OK
02 7802064 Gulraiz Nazir Multan OK
03 7801386 Nazar Hussain Sheikhupura OK
04 7801394 Michael Obrien Sargodha OK
05 7801750 Dr. Murtaza Ali Faisalabad OK
06 7802030 Iftikhar Ali Malik Gujranwala OK
07 7802080 Babar Butt Gujranwala OK
08 7801106 Khalid Mahmood Ashraf Lahore OK
09 7801203 Agha Faisal Khan Sargodha OK
10 7801068 Mobeen Ud, Din Lahore OK
11 7801114 Mudasir Iqbal 1956 Multan OK
12 7801360 Rashid Rafique Sheikhupura OK
13 7801220 Rana Sufyan 1695 Faisalabad OK
14 7802137 Zubair Saud Sheikhupura OK
15 7801742 Ahmad Sunair Nadeem Sheikhupura OK
16 7801823 Ahmad Naeem Gujranwala OK
17 7801831 Muhammad Ayub Gujranwala OK
18 7802188 Ahmad Awais Gujranwala OK
19 7802170 Muhammad Shafique Jnr. Gujranwala OK
20 7802161 Gulam Sabir Sheikhupura OK
21 7800150 CM Anwar Qureshi 2234 Hyderabad OK
22 7802005 Waqar Ahmad NM Lahore OK
23 7801335 Waqas Ahmad Lahore OK
24 7800592 Muhammad Younus 2174 Karachi OK
25 7800983 Ferman Aziz Lahore OK
26 7802013 Umair Ahmad Khan Islamabad OK
27  7802021 Muhammad Haroon Rafique Vehari OK
28 7802056 Nazir Ahmad Multani Multan OK
29 7802129 Nasir Ahmad Chiniot OK
30 7802102 Muhammad Talib Gujranwala OK
31 7802290 Wahid Ullah Rawalpindi OK
32 7802153 Amir Rasheed Gujranwala OK
33 7801777 Muhammad Shahzad Faisalabad OK
34 7802269 Muhammad Faisal Mughal Gujranwala OK
35 7802072 Muhammad Ejaz Butt Gujranwala OK
36 7802242 Syed Muhammad Ali Gujranwala OK
37 7802099 Muhammad Saleem Gujranwala OK
38 7802250 Muhammad Iqbal Khilji Gujranwala OK
39 7802234 Muhammad Akram Gujranwala OK
40 7802110 Tahir Abdul Qaiyum Khan Lahore OK
41 7800231 Wasim Akram 2138 Lahore OK
42 7800932 Ehtesham ul Haq 1641 Lahore OK
43 7802145 Muhammad Shahid Mehmood Chiniot OK
44 7800444 Haroon Ahmad Khan Okara OK
45 7801041 Asad Ullah Khan 1514 Sheikhupura OK
46 7801998   Mahboob A Khan Sialkot OK
47 7802200 Mian Muhammad Azam Sahiwal OK
48 7802048  Tanveer Ahmad Mushtaq Lahore OK
49 7801653 Fauzan Ullah Lahore OK
50 7801262 Aqib Javaid Butt 1425 Lahore OK
51 7801190 Muhammad Haider Ullah Khan 1368 Sheikhupura OK
52 7801297 Murtaza Faisal 1746 Lahore  OK
53 7801807 Nadeem Ahmad Lahore OK
54 7801521 Jaree Ullah OK
55 7800509 Wahid Hussain OK
57 7801866 Mansoor Ahmad Nasir Chiniot  OK
58 7801351 Muhammad Rizwan Durrani Lahore OK
59 7802226 Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Khan D G Khan OK
60 7802277 Muhammad Naeem Khan Lahore OK
61 7802218 Hakeem Gulam Abbas Sahiwal OK
62 7801076 Syed Ahmad Ali 2354 Lahore OK
63 7802285 Attique Manzoor Lahore OK
64  7802196 Muhammad Iqbal Sahiwal OK
65 7802293 Irfan Aslam Lahore OK
66 7801769 Arshad Ali Faisalabad OK
01 7801734 Waqar Ahmad Lahore OK

*From July 01, 2015 all players are required to pay annual registration fee of Rs.1500/ (15$) to Chess Federation of Pakistan. No player shall be allowed to take part in any Fide rated tournament unless he/she is register with Chess Federation of Pakistan.

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  3. Muhammad arshad

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    Asim Shahzad Rao

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